Sunday, July 1, 2007


unicorn club in Indianapolis, IN near nude dancersI went to the Unicorn Club in Indianapolis last night to at least try to keep a minimal connection alive with my old social life. While working on a number of projects, I felt it necessary to intersperse that with some human contact outside of the people I know at work. This gay bar is a good place to go if you are by yourself because watching the show gives you something to do other than repeatedly scanning the other patrons, watching the video monitors or staring at the back of the bar, which might be your main choices somewhere else. The music is good and the variety of performers offers something to fit most preferences.

Another good aspect for the person going solo is that the experience is interactive. The meet and greet with the dancers provides frequent opportunities to talk about the weather, your day, their night, and other bits of small talk. These opportunities can sap your money clip if you do the right thing and tip and if there is a high dancer to patron ratio, but I apparently have found the secret of anti-mojo that steers them towards other patrons so that I end up with a reasonable number of paid encounters. I like that result in general but the problem is that the anti-mojo is not intentional so I don't know how to turn it off to stop a performer I would really like to meet from passing by. I can't be so gauche as to call it out or make eyes, at least not when I am in a state of less than seeing double.

Kyler CoxLast night I wouldn't have minded having a conversation with Kyler Cox. Every since I saw the video Construction Bareback, I wanted to find out where he got that black shirt with the blue collar that he wears at the start of his scene. I don't know if it would work on me, but I would like to get one. Unfortunately, if performers and patrons are magnets, then Kyler and I must have the same polarity because any stroll in my direction only goes so far before the force prevents him from getting any closer.

Kyler can be entertaining to watch because he exhibits subtle hints of personality on stage. I hate to criticize in this situation, but I have to contrast this with Shai Keyon, who on stage (when I have seen him) shows little visible personality. Seriously, it is as if the personality muscles have been overdosed with Botox. To be fair and to offer a positive comment, no one can undulate his body like he can. It's enough to take a Dramamine for if you watch too long.

See my enhanced review of Unicorn Club here on Google Maps.

Clip from QAF for commentary. This clip shows the quality of their music choices, camera movements, and effects.