Monday, September 17, 2007

Majoring in Physical Education

Irish college students are turning tricks to pay for their education expenses (link). It been reported that some students in Ireland are doing high-paying escort work to offset their huge tuition bills. The thing that is surprising about this is that more college students aren't doing it.

Young people are graduating from college with great loads of debt that they have to start paying back almost immediately, even though they can ill-afford doing so early in their careers. Conceptually, escorting seems like a good way to pay for tuition as you go, rather than by borrowing tens of thousands of dollars. Other part-time jobs available to students, like pizza delivery or house painter, won't pay enough or take too much time away from students' proper focus, which is studying. With escorting they can set their own work schedules, make a year's worth of tuition in a few weeks, and then get back to hitting the books, the gay bars, and the fraternity parties.

gay English escortThe article at the link assumes that its readers would be as appalled as the government officials it quotes. I've never understood how jobs like dentist, where you put your fingers in someone's spit filled mouth, or doctor, where you put your lubed finger in someone's rectum for a prostate exam, can be exalted while anything that involves s-e-x is considered repugnant. Older people forget that when most college students are not in class or studying, they are thinking about sex, talking about sex, or repeatedly having sex. Since they are already doing it, it shouldn't matter that besides taking the time to put on a condom, they also take a few minutes to get the approval on their sex partner's Visa card.

Young guys today have less inhibitions about advertising their valuable physical attributes. The internet is flooded with pictures from every Tom, Dick, and Harry of them photographing their naked selves in the bathroom mirror. It's time they applied the lessons from Economics and intersected their supply curves with the consistent demand.

English escortBesides the money, there may be other benefits to this after-school job. Students can start networking with clients in the business world. They can acquire sources for letters of recommendation. Their possibly well-connected clients could remark about the students' punctuality, their attention to detail, their perseverance, and maybe their creativity in the performance of their work.

Needless to say, I am a Libertarian. If somebody wants to escort it's not the government's business. I don't believe in government interference in people's personal lives as long as no one else is adversely affected. On the matter of using an escort, my view is that it seems like a waste of money to buy something that is so readily available for free. On the other hand, if you have a situation that hinders you from being successful in the non-profit market, or you are unskilled in doing something yourself, hiring a professional to do it can often be an effective choice.

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Junior UK entrepreneurs.

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