Wednesday, July 14, 2010

German National Team Has Gay Players?

Supposedly, German soccer player Michael Ballack's agent, Michael Becker, told a reporter from Der Spiegel that the German National Team that played in the 2010 World Cup is a "bunch of gays". He also told the reporter, Aleksander Osang, that Germany's new, flamboyant style was related to their overall homosexuality, and that being gay made them too delicate to beat Spain in the semifinal.

Nevertheless, the Germans' style in South Africa was greatly appreciated by both fans and experts. They were praised for the flair and energy that they brought to the field and their third place finish was higher than many people thought the young German soccer team would achieve.

Strangely, Osang wrote that other journalists who heard Becker's accusations weren't fazed by them, as they seemed to already believe that these stories were true about coach Joachim Loew's team.

However, Osang noted that from what he could tell, homosexuality was "a synonym for anything that Becker did not understand." Also, Becker had allegedly told him which of the players in the team were gay, but indicated that one of them was only "half gay."So, it may be that Becker is just spouting off about things he doesn't understand and that there is no truth to any of this.

It would be nice if it were true. There already was a lot of fantasizing about the lithe bodies of the German team, and now rumors of der man love in die Mannschaft make the images even hotter. Becker said a former national player was preparing to name names, but we will have to wait to see if this is true.

The German Football Federation refused to comment about the story, while manager Joachim Loew said he "would not stoop so low" as to react.

This story comes after another Gay related story about the Bundesliga. In March. former football manager Rudi Assauer, who puts the ass in Assauer, said there was 'no place' for gay players in soccer. He said: "Perhaps they are OK in other sports but not in football. If a player came to me and said he was gay I would say to him: 'You have shown courage.' But then I would tell him to find something else to do. That's because those who out themselves always end up busted by it, ridiculed by their fellow players and by people in the stands. We should spare them these witch-hunts." In that case the German FA (DFB) said his comments were reprehensible.


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