Thursday, July 26, 2007

Men That Are Too Big

bodybuilderDiscussions of muscle dysmorphia (bigorexia) usually focus on health, compulsive behavior, steroid use, eating habits, etc. The only thing I as a gay man care about is that it makes a lot of decent looking men become hideous. As a fan of a moderately well-built men, I would like to see more done to curtail the excessive behavior that creates these human balloon sculptures.

Some degree of body building is good, but it is like a bell curve - at first you get better looking but eventually you hit the peak and any increase after that only subtracts from one's appearance. A person may continue to get more heads turning, but it's more from shock than attraction. Yes, there are some admirers with a muscle fetish, but they are like the freaky enablers who tell malnourished girls how good they look.

This is not just a difference of opinion. You can look at art and popular culture to see what society considers the attractive male figure:

barberini faunbodybuilder

Attractive Aesthetically unpleasing

Other than the penis,there's nothing sexy about inflated body parts. No one thinks, "Gosh he would look even better with a bigger goiter," or "swollen hemorrhoids are hot!" A pushed out stomach that has six pack lines but still looks like the top of Lt. Worf's head. is a real turn-off.

It's all about proportion. When someone is "too big", it is relative to their frame. You can't increase the size of your skull or bones, so everyone has a definite limit beyond which you will be out of proportion to your frame. It doesn't matter visually if you're swollen from over development or allergic reaction, it's still going to look freakish.

P.S. If anyone is looking for the perfect size to aspire to be, I suggest that you can't go wrong with the Man of Steel as your model. Especially as rendered by Brandon Routh (nude).

Brandon Routh as gay SupermanSuperman (with bulge in the right place)