Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Naked Furniture

Nathan of Nathan Exposed remarked in an older post about looking carefully at the background objects in photos people post of themselves in their homes. His thought is that you can learn a lot about someone from seeing what they have in their home. For me, I look at the home shots to aid my deficiency in decorating. I need to get inspiration from the work of other gay men to help my style my own home.

gay color samplesI don't know if anybody else does this, but I find myself checking out the furnishings and color palette of the rooms used in adult videos. I figure they have to have been decorated by gay guys, so there is going to be a certain inherent quality to the design. In addition, you can see the rooms from different angles and more importantly, how the furniture holds up with real, everyday activity.

Here are some examples and reviews/previews from some well-known sources: Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, ChaosMen and Active Duty.

I think the most boring sets are from Corbin Fisher. The first picture is not too bad, but I have always hated this sofa and lamp seen in the second one.

Corbin Fisher Dawson Corbin Fisher Gabe Trevor

Sean Cody's are a little blah, and I definitely do not understand hanging a shag carpet on the wall.

Sean Cody scene with DannySean Cody Danny

The Active Duty rooms probably have the most personality, although the red, white and blue is kind of garish, and I'm not into the whole palm tree decor. However, I do really like the wall color in the third picture and I think I am going to use in my home.
Active Duty Productions sceneActive Duty Productions gays in the militaryreal military men nude

Finally, there is Chaos Men, which I think definitely has the most style. See for yourself.

ChaosMen nude modelsWayne and Zach Randall ChaosMen nude

If anyone would like to suggest any similar sources that I could use for decorating inspiration, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

I found this post through the webstats on my blog.

OMFG... there is actually another freak on this planet who gets decorating inspiration from porn! I love it! Ha!

They have such nice sets, don't they? I'm so glad you talked about this. I know exactly what you mean.

Peter Maria said...

I'm sorry your gay decorating gene is not expressing itself, but porn sites for ideas? "God, Francine, hasn't he ever heard of the Hilton?" (or, in your case, HGTV?).

And I would even let you slide if you were talking about the sets on professional productions from Falcon, Lucas Entertainment, Hot House (I'm local, so please invite me to the housewarming party for that one), etc., but not those gay-for-pay places. They probably have a straight girl do the decor, so as not to scare off any potential "stars".

P.S. Bonus points for knowing what movie the quote comes from (no fair googling it). Hint: The design style known as French Provincial is mentioned in the theme song (but don't choose that for your own home, please).