Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let's Put On A Show

Overdose on theater and performance arts in Indianapolis during the 10 day binge of IndyFringe starting August 24th. There will be an unbelievable 216 performances of over 40 different productions to choose from. The shows are all a maximum of 60 minutes each and have a $10 admission charge ($7 for students). The whole thing takes place in four theaters (6 stages) in a three block area of the Mass Avenue Arts District. You can easily see several shows in one evening and include dinner and a nightcap all within a short stroll. Please go to the IndyFringe site and check out the details, the schedules, the other entertainment, and everything else you need to know about the festival. I plan to be there for at least six of the days so maybe I will see you there.

Metro Nightclub in IndianapolisThe place to go for drinks in this area is the Metro Nightclub (707 Massachusetts Avenue). It is a two story bar where gay men go to meet friends or make new ones, or just hang out. Downstairs is the kind of place you could easily bring your mother to if you have a mind to do such a thing. Actually, I did bring my mom there once. Upstairs is a nice little store where you can satify your gay paraphernalia needs. See the review at The Guide magazine for a fair description of the place, although the photos are not representative of the clientele at all in my opinion. I've been to Metro hundreds of times so I think I'm qualified to say that.

Brady Quinn no longer in IndianaConcerning Indianapolis men, I was once told by someone in another city that they thought Indianapolis guys had way more attitude than might be justified. I think this is misperception. It's not a case of people acting like their superior; it's an expression of "I'm just as good as you." It's an egalitarian society. I think a person who has been treated like an A-Lister in some other city would be unhappy here because no one would treat them as being better than anyone else. Now, of course, an extremely handsome man would still be eyeballed and fawned over. That's universal.

P.S. From what I can tell, these shows have gay or gay relevant material:
  • Open 24 Hours (a set of short plays that includes the 10 minute play A Gay Thing: A gay man tries to talk his straight buddy out of going gay.)
  • Almost Walking a Straight Line
  • Somewhere in Between
  • Thanks for the Scabies, Jerkface
  • TransActions
  • Gallery

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