Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Brief Interlude

I received an Undergear catalog in the mail a few days ago. I don't remember getting one for quite some time, but it was inevitable that one day I would receive another one. International Male and Undergear have the most powerful gaydar in the world. if you are gay, not matter where you go or what you do, they will find you and your mailbox.

Looking through an underwear catalog is like looking at a wall of toothpastes in a store. How many choices do you need for something that is largely utilitarian? You only need a comfortable wrap for your best peeps, not a smiley face on the crotch for an extra $20.

It's amazing how much variety the producers can make with a few square inches of fabric. It's just a waistband, leg bands, a crotch piece and some connecting material. Well, in some cases you don't even get the connecting material, which strangely, you will then be charged more for less.

gay underwearMy TMI on the subject is underwear is that I wear only boxer briefs. I thought it was only a personal preference until I heard Will on Will & Grace talk about it as a hallmark of a gay man's wardrobe. I wonder if that is true. It seems odd since the skimpier varieties are the ones normally pitched to gay men.

The truth is probably that most are like me, with a few of the expensive ones and a lot of the Hanes and Jockey. When I say expensive for me I mean only the original price. I would only buy when there is a super discount. Macys closing Ayres in Indianapolis was a good time to snatch up the premium designers at going out of business prices.

underwearFor convenience I have my unmentionables separated into four categories: special, cotton, stretch and boxers. The boxers could be worn under pants if necessary but they are more for lounging around in.

People should wear whatever makes them happy and pay whatever it is worth to them. I admit I have some non-basic genital jammies myself, although I think the purchase is best made first for comfort and value/durability second.

The one thing I don't like is seeing men wearing child-like underwear. Strippers wearing underoos is not pleasant to me. Likewise I'm tired of seeing pictures of Ginch Gonch Boys. Talk about being overexposed. The shelf life of fad underwear models is short and it's time to put on a fresh pair.